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Automotive Consumables & Equipment Ltd

ACE Automotive Consumables & Equipment Ltd

Silver line air buffer c/w buffing stones.

For the removal of nuts/bolts from car wheels etc.

For use with stone or flap wheel to buff /repair tyres.

Universal Air Buffer

Available in 3/8 and 1/2 drive.

Universal Air Ratchet

For use in air line connecting various types available.

PCL Couplings/Connectors

For making 2 air lines from 1.

PCL Y Coupling

Available in 3/8 and 1/12 bore and lengths of 10 mtrs and 20 mtrs.

PCL Car/Commercial Air Line

Universal 1/2 Air Wrench Heavy Duty

PCL car coil air line c/w couplings. 8mm bore. 8mtrs in length.

PCL Coil Air Line

A dial type inflation gauge c/w clip on chuck and 1.5 mtrs air line.

Schrader Inflating Gauge

A pistol grip air drill for use with carbide cutter.

Universal 3/8 Air Drill

An air line gauge c/w single chuck or twin end for car or commercial inflation of tyres.

PCL Inflation Gauge

PCL single connector for use with gauge.

PCL Connector

For use with gauge or straight on pipe.

PCL Twin Connector

Text Box: PCL Pressure Gauge

PCL twin pressure gauge goes up to 160 psi for use for trucks or vans that have twin wheels.

Text Box: Silver Line Air Buffer Kit
Text Box: CP 1/2 Air Wrench

Silver line air buffer c/w buffing stones.

For the measurement of car tyre pressures.

Text Box: Car Pressure Gauge

An 1 drive commercial air wrench.

Text Box: CP 1 Drive Air Wrench

A brass clip on chuck for fitment on valves.

Text Box: Clip on Valve Chuck

A tool for a rapid inflation of a tyre.

Text Box: Cheetah Bead Seater

For use with air line hoses.

Text Box: Hose Clips