Tyre Repair Tools

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Automotive Consumables & Equipment Ltd

To be used with string repairs.

For use with string repairs.

Hand Rasp

For use in removing old valves.

Tyre Knife

For use in stitching down tyre repairs.

Patch Roller

For use in cleaning wheel rims.

Hand Wire Brush

For use in removing objects from tyres.

Tyre Probe

Chrome T Handle

ACE Automotive Consumables & Equipment Ltd

For use with plug repair patch (mushrooms).

3mm,6mm and 10mm Carbide Cutter

For use in the preparation of tyre repairs.

Flap Wheel

Buffing Stone (Golf Ball)

For use in the preparation of tyre repairs

For use in the cleaning of alloy/steel wheels.

Twist Knot Rotary Wire Brush

For use in breaking beads on commercial tyres.

Bead Chisel

Short handled sledge hammer.

3lb Sledge Hammer

Long handled sledge hammer.

8lb Sledge Hammer

Copper and hide hammer.

Thor 3lb Hammer

Rubber mallet.

Rubber Mallet